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Rehabilitation Goals

Rehabilitation GoalsThe primary goal of rehabilitation is to assist the individual with remaining connected with the community. This can occur by identifying and prioritizing needs, setting goals and planning action. Reconnecting with the community may include volunteering, taking courses, attending community activities. These all help to establish a routine, re-identify roles and help to establish small goals.

Listed below are rehabilitation goals which are considered once an individual is medically stable and capable of resuming employment in a safe and sustainable manner. The steps include:

1. A return to your pre-disability position.

The step is to determine if you are able to return to your pre-disability position with your employer. This step may occur while you are recovering from surgery to develop a plan of action and help stay focused on returning to the work force.

2. A return to an alternate position with your employer.

If you are unable to perform most of your job duties on a permanent basis than options will be explored to consider the availability of alternate employment. Your employer will be provided with a list of your restrictions and capabilities as per your doctor’s recommendations to help match your skills and abilities with job duties within the company. In some cases upgrading may be offered to assist you in the transition to an alternate position.

If alternate employment is unavailable than you will be considered for the next step.

3. A return to your own occupation with an alternate employer.

If you are unable to return to any form of work with your employer but you are able to return to your own occupation with an alternate employer than you may be offered assistance to secure employment. This situation arises when the employer is unable to accommodate permanent restrictions but another employer may be able to. Sometimes this occurs in smaller work sites and when work stations and job duties are limited.

4. A return to an alternate position with a new employer.

If you are unable to resume your pre-disability position a rehabilitation program may be developed to assist you with re-entering the workforce in an alternate position with an alternate employer. Training and a job search program may be offered.