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Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Vocational RehabilitationMonarch Counseling & Vocational Rehabilitation Inc. provide programs involving work re-entry either. Services may include vocational assessments, case management and/or return to work.

Vocational Assessments
The vocational assessment provides information about an individual’s skills, abilities and  interests. Assessments can identify employment barriers, transferable skills and occupations. We are master’s level Canadian certified vocational experts who are qualified to administer aptitude, interest, personality inventory, achievement testing intelligence and cognitive assessments. The purpose of vocational assessments are to develop an action plan, set goals and facilitate return to the labor market

Individualized Job Placement Services
IJP Services offer support to individuals who are not able to resume their pre-disability position and are seeking to secure work with an alternate employer or in an alternate position. Services include the development of a resume and cover letter, a review of job search techniques, introduction to hidden job markets, practicing interviewing skills and hands on job placement.